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Introducing our lightly used 3rd Generation 1180L Sterilizer, meticulously maintained and ready to revolutionize your sterilization process. This unit, previously utilized for demos and test batches at our California facility, has undergone a thorough inspection and refurbishment, ensuring peak performance and reliability. Equipped with all-new heating elements and pressure control valves, it's practically as good as new. Plus, rest assured with the comprehensive 1-year warranty, just like our brand-new units.


The 3rd Generation Blue Myco Sterilizers prioritize usability and safety, setting the standard for commercial cultivators seeking efficient sterilization solutions.


Built for the Commercial Cultivator

  • Sterilize grain or pasteurize substrates!
  • 1,500 Lbs of grain per sterilization cycle. 
  • Two large manholes allow for effect loading and the
  • Two racks helps to prevents your products from being smashed while sterilizing.  
  • With 16.5Kw of heating power you will reach sterilization temperature and pressure in just 90 minutes!  
  • Simple user friendly controller allows for precision processing without compromise
  • Integrated electronic safety features come standard!
  • optional single phase or 3 phase setup.


Please Email for more detailed picture of the specific unit that is available.





Pre-Owned 1180L Blue Myco Mushroom Sterilizer

$24,999.00 Regular Price
$18,499.00Sale Price
Sales Tax Included
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