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Sterilizer FAQ

Are your sterilizers boilers?

Yes. As defined in the California Labor Code Section 7621, boilers include, a “vessel used to generate steam pressure by the application of heat subject” [1]

Under the Merriam-Webster definition, it is “a vessel used for boiling”, [2] which includes a diverse range of objects for a diverse range of applications.

Who/What is ASME? ​

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) is a professional organization that “promotes the art, science, and practice of multidisciplinary engineering and allied sciences around the globe" via "continuing education, training and professional development, codes and standards, research, conferences and publications, government relations, and other forms of outreach." [3]

Are your sterilizers ASME stamped?

No. As defined in California Labor Code Section 7625, since our sterilizers are “boilers on which the pressure does not exceed 15 pounds per square inch” they are “not subject” [4] to the General Provisions stated in Labor Code Part 6. Tanks and Boilers.

What does it mean to have an ASME-stamped sterilizer?

The sterilizer has been approved and certified by an authorized ASME representative.

Without an ASME stamp are your sterilizers safe to operate?

Yes, of course! All our sterilizers have been designed with a Factory of Safety of at least three. (FOS ≥ 3). This means that the sterilizer is designed to withstand a maximum pressure of three times the operating pressure.

Our sterilizers have an operating pressure of 14.7psi and a max pressure rating of 45psi.

What is Factor of Safety (FOS)?​

Factor of Safety = Yield Load (Max Pressure)/Operation Load (Operating Pressure)

This is the ratio between the allowable load and the ultimate load. In reference to pressure, this can be defined as the ratio between the operating pressure and max pressure.

If your sterilizers are up to ASME standard, why not get the stamp?

We want to make our equipment affordable without cutting any corners! The stamp would increase the cost of production by 3 times or more and create a huge barrier to entry for anyone interested in larger scale mushroom cultivation.

There’s also no requirement for our sterilizers to be ASME stamped since they operate at pressure below 15psi.

Do I need a permit to house and operate one of your sterilizers?

No. In California, “permits are only required for air tanks, LPG propane storage tanks over 125 gallons, and high-pressure boilers over 15 psig steam”  as stated by “the Pressure Vessel Unit under Labor Code sections 7620-771” [5]

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