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Blue Myco Grain Bagger: Increase Productivity and Reduce Labor Costs


In the world of mushroom cultivation, the pace of progress is often dictated by the efficiency of your process. Enter the Blue Myco Grain Bagger, a quintessential game-changer designed to increase production capabilities, while reducing labor costs. This sleek yet robust machine is not just a bagger, but a promise of soaring productivity and diminished labor costs, all bundled in a compact and powerful unit.


Witness the dawn of an era where the flexibility of your production scales new heights. You can increase production to over 250 bags per hour when bagging two different types of grain, and when it comes to a single type of grain, behold the prowess of churning out 500 bags per hour, all while reducing your labor efforts by 50% or more. The Blue Myco Grain Bagger is not merely about speed but is a tribute to precision and flexibility. With the ease of recipe adaptability, you're not just bagging grains; you're bagging endless potential and possibilities.



**Production Versatility**: Scale up to 250 bags/hr with two types of grain or soar to 500 bags/hr with a single grain, embracing the demands of diverse cultivation projects.

**Labor Reduction**: Cut down labor by half or more, an ode to efficiency and a step towards higher profitability.

**Recipe Flexibility**: Enjoy the liberty of easy recipe adjustments, tailoring your bagging process to meet the demands of your ambitious endeavors.

**Compact & Portable**: Weighing just 50 pounds with dimensions of 15H x 23D x 14W, it's a powerhouse that fits well in any setting.

**High-Voltage Performance**: Operating at 1500 volts, this machine is a testament to relentless power and uncompromising efficiency.

**One year warranty and unmatched technical support**: rest assured with the warranty and technical support to keep your machines running at their optimum levels.


With the Blue Myco Grain Bagger by your side, you're not just investing in a machine, but in a vision of unbounded growth and unrivaled efficiency. It's not merely about keeping pace with the demands of today but about staying leaps and bounds ahead, ready to embrace the opportunities of tomorrow.


Don't let the conventional constraints of labor and time hold back the tide of your ambition. Harness the boundless potential of the Blue Myco Grain Bagger and redefine what's possible in your mycological endeavors. Step into a future where your production is only limited by the horizons of your imagination.


Weight 50 pounds 


1500 volt

Capable of bagging 250 bags per hour with 2 grains.

500 bags single gain per hour

Blue Myco Grain Bagger: Increase Productivity and Reduce Labor Costs

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