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In the meticulous domain of mycology, each detail is a stepping stone towards unparalleled excellence. The Blue Myco Sterilizer isn’t just a sterilizer; it's an epitome of profound understanding and an unwavering commitment to advancing your mycological endeavors. This masterfully engineered companion is your gateway to transcending the conventional boundaries of sterilization and pasteurization.


Permitting and Local Licensing


One of the quintessential aspects where the Blue Myco Sterilizer shines is its adherence to US specifications, a feature often overlooked by other units, especially those imported from China. The landscape of regulations in the United States is intricate, and having a unit that falls short of these specifications can unfurl a cascade of hurdles. From expensive permits to the looming threat of having your operations abruptly halted, the repercussions are both daunting and costly.


The Blue Myco Sterilizer triumphs with its no-permit-required feature, a breath of fresh air in a domain often entangled in red tape. This isn’t just about bypassing a bureaucratic hurdle; it’s about empowering you to focus on what you love most - nurturing the growth of your mycological cultivations without a cloud of compliance concerns hovering over.


**No Permits Required**


**Compliance Confidence**: Rest easy with the knowledge that your sterilizer adheres to US specifications, eliminating the need for expensive permits and safeguarding against the risk of operational halts.


**Smooth Operations**: Dive straight into your mycological endeavors without the hindrance of bureaucratic hurdles, ensuring a seamless flow from setup to cultivation.


**Shield Against Shutdowns**: The potential non-compliance of other units could spell an abrupt halt to your operations, a risk astutely mitigated by the Blue Myco Sterilizer’s adherence to US specifications.


**Cost-Efficiency**: Avoid the financial drain of expensive permits and the ominous cloud of potential operational shutdowns. The Blue Myco Sterilizer is an investment in peace of mind, ensuring the focus remains on scaling your mycological endeavors.


Safety, Ease of Setup and Operation


Our double jacketed design and side loading features are a hallmark of safety centric design.  By eschewing the traditional top-loading mechanism, which requires users to stick their entire upper body (including their head) into the pressure chamber, users reduce the possibility of burn injuries or worse. This innovation significantly minimizes the risk of burn injuries, ensuring a safe and user-friendly operation for both you and your dedicated team.


Sanitary connections are at the heart of the Blue Myco Sterilizer, facilitating ease of part replacement. This feature is a testament to the meticulous engineering aimed at maintaining a hygienic and seamless operation, a cornerstone for achieving consistently superior results.


The integrated water level sensor override is a silent guardian, vigilantly preventing the peril of running the sterilizer dry, which could otherwise lead to detrimental equipment damage and costly loses of grain and substrate. This foresighted feature epitomizes the essence of preventive maintenance, ensuring your sterilizer remains a reliable companion through countless cultivation cycles.


Ease of setup is where the Blue Myco Sterilizer shines brightly. The simplistic assembly is a breeze, and with just a straightforward power connection to the control box and electric panel, you are propelled onto a path of unbounded mycological cultivation.


System operation is a breeze with controls that let you customize your sterilization and pasteurization cycles with specific temperature, pressure and heating cycle adjustments.  This allows you to sterilize grain/spawn, prepare liquid cultures and agar media with the same machine.  You can even set the Blue Myco sterilizer to keep your agar media at perfect pouring temperature if you can’t use the media immediately.  This machine is both powerful and versatile allowing you greater control over your processes and business!


**Simple Assembly**: A straightforward setup process ensuring you hit the ground running.


**Plug and Play**: Just connect power to the control box and electric panel and you're all set to spearhead your cultivation journey.


**No Permits Required**: A hassle-free start without the red tape, propelling you straight into action.


**Comprehensive Support**


**Training and Consulting**: A reservoir of knowledge and expertise to ensure you're well-versed with every nuance of your new companion.


**English-Speaking Technical Support**: A dedicated team with a background in Mycology, ensuring clear communication and effective support.


**Unrivaled Understanding**: Blue Myco’s profound understanding of the process and the reasoning behind the design reflects a commitment to addressing the real-world challenges faced in mycological cultivation.



**Cost-Efficient Capacities**: Offering greater capacities at a lower cost, the Blue Myco Sterilizer is a testament to economical yet superior performance.


**Precision Control**: A realm where you reign supreme, with unparalleled control over temperature and pressure, along with customized heating cycles. Fine-tune your grain and substrate to meet your exacting requirements, ushering in a new era of mycological mastery.

Blue Myco 310L Model B-310 Mushroom Sterilizer

SKU: 310L
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