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One of the most pivotal aspects of mushroom cultivation is ensuring a consistent and scientifically optimized substrate. Enter the Blue Myco Ribbon Mixer. This isn't just a mixer; it's a cultivation tool designed to elevate and streamline your growing process. With its powerful motor and purpose designed mixing blades; it ensures an even distribution of your substrate ingredients, moisture, and aeration, which are all critical for optimal mycelial growth. Its design greatly reduces substrate processing time and ensures that every hyphal tip has access to the nutrients it needs.  


In today’s competitive market, saving on costs and maximizing your income is extremely important.  How do your competitors stay in business and have cheaper prices?  They CONTROL COSTS!   


Blue Myco’s line of mushroom cultivation automation machines drastically lower labor cost and provide you with consistent results!  Call us today for an on-line or in-person demonstration and take your cultivation business to the next level! 



🌀 **Efficient & Consistent:** Our Ribbon Mixer ensures a homogeneous substrate mixture, vital for synchronous mycelial growth and colonization. The helical blades of the Ribbon Mixer ensure that the substrate components, whether organic matter, minerals, or moisture, are uniformly distributed. This uniformity ensures access to the nutrients it needs, promoting synchronous growth and colonization. 


🔬 **Optimal Moisture & Ingredient Distribution:** Our mixer guarantees consistency.  Water availability is crucial for the metabolic processes of fungi. The enzymatic breakdown of complex organic molecules, like lignin or cellulose, requires adequate moisture. The Ribbon Mixer's efficient blending ensures that water is evenly distributed throughout the substrate, preventing dry pockets that can hinder mycelial growth and overly wet areas that can promote bacterial contamination. 


🌬️ **Enhanced Aeration:** The design of our mixer ensures pockets of the substrate are not overly compacted, promoting efficient respiratory processes vital for fungal energy production.  While fungi are not photosynthetic and do not require light for growth, they do respire, taking in oxygen and releasing carbon dioxide. An evenly mixed substrate, as achieved by the Ribbon Mixer, ensures pockets of the substrate are not overly compacted, allowing for better aeration. This promotes efficient respiratory processes at the cellular level, vital for energy production in the form of ATP. 


🛡️ **Reduced Contamination Risk:** Inconsistent substrate mixtures can create pockets of varying pH or nutrient concentrations, which can be breeding grounds for contaminants like mold or bacteria. A uniform substrate, as produced by the Ribbon Mixer, reduces these inconsistencies, thereby lowering the risk of contamination. 


Also when water and other ingredients are mixed, there can be minor temperature variations throughout the substrate. An even mix ensures that the substrate reaches thermal equilibrium faster, providing a consistent environment for spore germination and mycelial growth.  This is very important when pasteurizing large batches to ensure the entire batch reaches the correct internal temperatures. 


📊 **Consistent Batches for Predictable Yields:** Our mixer's design ensures each batch of substrate is as consistent as the last, leading to predictable colonization times and fruiting yields.  For commercial cultivators, consistency across batches is crucial. The Ribbon Mixer's design ensures that each batch of substrate prepared is as consistent as the last, leading to predictable colonization times and fruiting yields. 


📏 **Specifications at a Glance:** 

   - **Motor:** 2000 watt, 220vac, single phase 

   - **Capacity:** 400 Liters

   - **Safety:** Safety grate cover included 

   - **Dimensions:** 50”w x 72”d x 60”h 

   - **Weight:** 250 pounds 

   - **Material:** Durable steel construction 

   - **Warranty:** 3 Years, because we believe in our product's quality 


🎓 **Exclusive Training:** Benefit from a 2-hour class on machine operation and substrate processing best practices. Harness the full potential of our mixer with confidence. 


🔧 **Dedicated Support:** Local technical support, repair facilities, and replacement parts ensure you're always operational. 


🛍️ **Invest in Excellence with Blue Myco!** Elevate your cultivation process with a tool designed for the discerning mycologist. 

Ribbon Mixer - 400 liter capacity

Sales Tax Included
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