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Our 150L Digital Autoclave is for the most serious Mushroom Grower. The 150L is the best selling vertical autoclave available in this style. With digital controls of cook cycle, temperature, pressure and more, its a true "set it and forget it" workhorse. Simply set your desired temperature, sterilization time and the digital computer controlled PID display will auto bleed air and build pressure to desired PSI, once reached, timer will start. When timer is done machine can be set to slowly exhaust pressure or hold and naturally cool. These autoclaves are extremely efficient and reliable. We also stock replacement parts for all units!

Great for all types of substrate and grain sterilizing! We use these autoclaves daily to sterilize a variety of products.

This model can sterilize 48 3lb Grain Bags in a 3 hour cycle! The total time per cycle is around 4-4.5 hours from loading to unloading.


Volume... 150L - 2 Stack-able Stainless Steel Baskets
Max Operating Temp       ... 273 F
Max Operating Pressure... 31.9 PSI
Time Range... 0-999 Minutes
Temperature Range... 212F - 273F
Unit Size/Weight...  24"x24"x46" 320 lbs   
Power... AC220V/240V  50/60hz 6.0KW Heater 27AMP


All units are tested before crating. These autoclaves are very durable and require very little maintenance or replacement parts over the life span when properly cared for. The heating element life is 3,000 cook cycles.

Requires a 240V connection. Connecting this autoclave at home is similar to hooking up an electric clothes dryer or vehicle charger. Color coded wires must be connected to a 30 AMP plug and outlet of your choice. We recommend NEMA 5-30 or L630P Female/Male outlet and plug.

Freight Shipping is a flat rate of $375.00 per unit. Free Local pickup available, please call ahead.



Frequently Asked Questions

How hard is this to install in my garage?

- Installation is the same as installing a new outlet for a dryer or a electric vehicle. We recommend consulting your local electrician to help with that part. The unit comes ready for a plug of your choice. You can purchase a male and female 30 AMP Single Phase plug at any hardware store.

What is the process to sterilize grain bags?

- Prepare your grain bags like normal. Remove the two stainless steel baskets, add around 4 -4.5 Gallons of filtered water. Load your grain bags in a circular pattern stacking to the top. You can load them any way you would like. Once grain bags/jars are loaded close the top and tighten the clamps. We recommend starting with control panel settings of 121° Celsius and 3 hours and 30 minute sterilization time when full. The other option is whether you want it to shut off and cool down naturally when finished or a computerized slow vent. The slow vent option takes about 20 minutes to exhaust pressure and is nice for doing back to back cycles. 

How long does it take to cool after sterilizing?

- There are two options after the cook cycle is done. The first option is for the machine to turn off and slowly cool naturally. This takes about 3-4 hours. The second option is a computerized slow venting of the pressure. This option is great for running the machine back to back. The autoclave will slowly exhaust the pressure in about 15-25 mins.

How much are replacement parts and do you stock them?

Since we own and operate 6 units we have most parts in stock. If not we can order and have any part within 1 week.

Replacement Part Pricing: (Please Call to order)

Silicone Lid Gasket: $60.00

6kw Heating Element: $249.00

Temperature Sensor: $99.00

Why buy from us?

There are many vendors selling similar units and although you may see a lower price, these are usually for units in stock overseas and will take 8-12 weeks to arrive. We will fully support you with technical issues, questions and warranty issues. We stock many parts and if something fails we can get you back up in running in matter of days. We work directly with the factory and have customized the units we sell to include a few upgraded components that make these units run better for use in our industry. The auto-venting settings have been adjusted at the factory to minimize exploding bags.

How much substrate or grain can I sterilize at once?

- The 150L Model can sterilize 128-140 lbs of grain or substrate per cycle, depending on the bag size and loading configuration. The inner chamber size is approximately 20.5" wide X 29.5" Tall. We have some clients who do not use the inner baskets and can fit a little more product per cycle.



These Units are in stock in our facility in Northern Illinois.  They are availave for local pickup or shipping via LTL Freight.  

150L Commercial Autoclave Digital Electric Mushroom Pressure Sterilizer

$3,500.00 Regular Price
$2,999.00Sale Price
Sales Tax Included
  • Tech Specs

    Volume ... 150L - 2 Stack-able Stainless Steel Baskets
    Max Operating Temp        ... 273 F
    Max Operating Pressure ... 31.9 PSI
    Time Range ... 0-999 Minutes
    Temperature Range ... 212F - 273F
    Unit Size/Weight ...  24"x24"x46" 320 lbs   
    Power ... AC220V/240V  50/60hz 6.0KW Heater 27AMP
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