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Automatic Mushroom Grow Room: The Future of Mushroom Cultivation


  • Our design harbors the essence of a HEPA filtered Class 100 cleanroom environment.  The engineered humidity cycling encourages pinning and sustains robust flushes that would make mother nature herself proud.


  • With intuitive WiFi and Bluetooth controls, your fungi haven is at your fingertips wherever you go. Manage your grow room from anywhere and have peace of mind your cultivation is thriving.


**Class 100 Cleanroom Environment**


**Humidity Cycling**: encourage pinning and heralding robust, healthy flushes.


**WiFi & Bluetooth Controls**: manage your cultivation from anywhere in the world.


**Superior Yields**: dial-in the perfect humidity and Fresh Air Exchange to increase your yields over monotubs.


**Optimal Airflow**: quicken the rhythm of colonization, unveiling bigger, heartier fruits.


**Ideal Humidity**: faster colonization and grander fruits.


**HEPA Filtration**: Redefining cleanliness, reducing contamination and reaping the rewards.


**Profitable Harvests**: Bigger, healthier fruits and reduced growing time, pave the path to increased profits.


**Fine-Tuned Environment**: fine tune your cultivation environment for consistent growth, ready to be tailored to perfection.


**Warranties & Support**: A 3-year warranty on the tent, a 1-year warranty on electronics, exclusive training, and dedicated support – your verdant voyage is one of assurance and enlightenment.


Grow Tent 48"X24"X72" Kit (4X2)

Package list

- 48"X24"X72" tent (4X2)  qty.1

- Ac Infinity 4" Inline Duct Fan qty.1

- 4 Inc In-Line Hepa filter qty.1

- 4" Ducting 6Ft  qty.1

- AC Infinity UIS Control Plug qty.1

- Humidifier qty.1

- Clip Fan 6" qty.2

- AC Infinity Ionboard S22 led qty 1

4X2 Automatic Mushroom Grow Room

Excluding Sales Tax
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