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Introducing the Grower's Select Wholesale lot of 12 44 Quart Monotubs, precision-engineered from high-density polypropylene. These monotubs feature six strategically positioned ventilation ports, our signature Monotub adhesive filter disks, adjustable airflow plugs for incubation control, and a fitted liner.

A monotub fruiting chamber is an enclosure designed for cultivating mushrooms, particularly those that grow in large clusters. It typically consists of a large plastic tub with a tight-fitting lid, modified with several holes for ventilation and humidity control.

The purpose of the monotub fruiting chamber is to create a regulated environment that promotes mushroom growth and maturation, requiring stable temperatures and high humidity levels. The chamber is maintained by frequent misting and fanning, encouraging the development of healthy, full-bodied mushrooms. This method of mushroom cultivation is popular due to its simplicity, ease of operation, and the ability to yield large amounts of mushrooms in a short period.



72 Filter Disk's

72 Hole Plugs

12 Fitted liners

12 Pack, Growers Select 44 Quart Monotubs, Filter Disk Plugs & Liners

SKU: GS12 Med
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