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 The 200L Autoclave is a true commercial grade unit only taking up only 29"x 29" x 51" of space! This is the sterilization equipment the top labs and commercial mushroom farms use. The manufacturer is known for producing industry workhorse autoclaves for over 15 years and the standard for value, safety, and quality. With digital controls of cook cycle, temperature, pressure and more, its a true "set it and forget it" machine.  Extremely easy to set up and operate. Simply set your sterilizing parameters, PSI, Temperature and Time and hit start!

The 200L features all the same functionality of the 120L and 150L versions but also allows for manually vent cold air in the beginning of the cycle and also vent steam slowly at the end if desired. 


  • 200L Size Rated or 212 Quarts  (Actual size closer to 210L)
  • High Quality SUS 304 Stainless Steel internal construction 
  • 8 KW Electric heater (220V/240V, 50/60Hz 36AMP)
  • Automatic/Manual Bleed controls!
  • Sterilize grain spawn perfectly
  • Features 3 Wire baskets and 1 lower solid steel basket make loading and unloading a breeze. (Step Stool Recommended)
  • Temperature is adjustable and can be used to pasteurize. 
  • Multiple safety features, including a safety door opening mechanism, the door remains locked as long as the chamber is under-pressure. Water level sensor with automatic shutoff & over-pressure bleed off valve.
  • Unit measures 29"x29"x51" 375 LBS



These Units are in stock in our facility in Northern Illinois.  They are availave for local pickup or shipping via LTL Freight.  Please contact for a shipping quote before placing order. 

200L Commercial Automatic Digital Electric Mushroom Autoclave Sterilizer

SKU: AC200
$5,000.00 Regular Price
$4,500.00Sale Price
  • Tech Specs

    Volume ... 200L - 3 Stainless Steel Wire Baskets
    Max Operating Temp        ... 273 F
    Max Operating Pressure ... 31.9 PSI
    Time Range ... 0-999 Minutes
    Temperature Range ... 212F - 273F
    Unit Size/Weight ...  29"x29"x51" 375 lbs    Will fit through any door!
    Power ... AC220V/240V  50/60hz 8.0KW Heater 36 AMP
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