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A Message from Blue Myco

"We’d like to formerly apologize for every delay our customers have experienced with their sterilizer orders. "


We were not able to overcome every unforeseen hurdle in a timely manner that the pandemic has thrown at us, especially transportation issues that have plagued other industries the world over. Building a brand-new business has never been easy, but the global effects of COVID on our supply chain has made our first year in business as Blue Myco a very difficult journey.

To be very upfront with anyone reading this, the cost to ship goods, whether it be sea, air or land has skyrocketed enormously over the past two years of the pandemic. With our most recent manufacturing order of more than two dozen sterilizers, the cost to transport goods has jumped more than five times the amount than it did two years prior. In addition to that cost, all of our sterilizers faced several months long wait times just to enter the Port of Long Beach, forcing us to re-route our cargo to the Port of Oakland. In January of 2022, the waitlist for ships to enter the port of Long Beach reached an all-time high of 105 cargo ships.

For the time being, we have decided to shoulder nearly all these unexpected costs which have amounted to tens of thousands of dollars over just the past six months.

We are not asking for any sympathies or donations. We just want you to know that the current state of the world has not made it easy on us and we truly appreciate the patience and understanding of all the members of the community. Thank you everyone for your incredible patience, and to those who are discontent with our customer service, you have not been forgotten. We want to address every issue in a timely manner, but we are not a mega corporation with limitless resources. We are a company ran by people who just want to help you grow your business.

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